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My name is Libby Molina and I've been crafting sites for 15 years. I can't imagine a day not surrounded by good design, and tough development challenges. I have a passion for detail, some may say is unhealthy. I think it's the one safe place to notice things are off by a pixel. It's definitely not conducive to a bathroom remodel. Just ask my husband.


Restaurant review and reservation site of Scripps Network, parent company of the Food Network

CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Mobile, RWD, Google Maps API


I came on board the CityEats team of at times 15+ developers while working for Burnside Digital. On the project for over a year, I inherited a site that had fast become, at it's core, a web app. As front-end lead, I put our focus on optimization, and organization of the CSS, and JavaScript files. Utilizing manifests, and spriting, I decreased CSS file size on mobile by 20%. Worked with client closely to front load front-end work, as developers were occupied with refactoring. Began work on responsive mobile redesign, and implemented restaurant mapping with Google API.

CityEats' Widget

CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery

Restaurants embedding the widget: Graffiato, by Mike Isabella, the Momofuku group by David Chang, Rogue 24, and Jose Andreas' Minibar.

This code received several iterations, however, never truly received the refactoring it needed. Not it's original focus, the reservation widget soon overtook the CE site in reservation volume. We implemented many features - special meal reservations, private dining, reservation fees - all while providing endless customization via an admin interface. I was responsible for maintaining 5 layouts that had responsive widths, hosted 3 different reservation types, and provided the maximum potential for restaurant customization.

Weiden + Kennedy / Old Spice Perpetual Love

HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this site would allow you to schedule and send pre-made sentiments via Twitter and email. What woman wouldn't think this special?

The challenge of this project was the turnaround time, as it was integrated with a TV campaign. At this stage of the game I was 8 months pregnant and pulling 60+ hours a week to get the job done. Pop Art worked closely with Weiden + Kennedy, which meant that we essentially had two groups of folks to please: W + K and Old Spice. A lot of changes, challenges and timely execution, but the site was an overall success. I worked with some of the most talented developers I'd ever met and some class acts in the design department.

I would later work with those same devs at Metal Toad and at Burnside Digital.

Leatherman Redesign

CSS, XHTML, jQuery, JavaScript, SEO, localization, scalability, SVN


Leatherman's redesign was a large undertaking incorporating an ever-increasing number of products, and the possibility of translating the site into several languages. Using .Net resource files, the site was organized to facilitate future translation. Images were organized to minimize translation. To maximize SEO, sIFR was used extensively, with an eye toward optimization and iPhone rendering (no flash support therefore a visually appealing font substitute). sIFR proved a challenge in that font's were modified somewhat to incorporate specific characters and line height to preserve headline placement. While impossible to account for all variation, it was an important adjustment for the varying headlines in different languages.

Adherence to web standards, a given in all our work, in this instance was crucial to support SEO and to increase online retail sales.

The deploy process of site maintenance was adjusted to allow for client manipulation of text, and product addition. This proved to require extensive use of versioning software to at times branch for development, while maintaining a constantly changing trunk. I got rather intimate with Subversion and the merging process.

A major addition to the newly redesigned Leatherman site, we tied the new website to the older online order store used by Leatherman in-house to provide a way to allow dealers and other selected Pro users a way to order and purchase tools to use and test, online.

Shoe-horning this modification required us to manipulate the view of the Leatherman site depending on a variety of "states" of the user. Heavy use of JavaScript, and jQuery allowed us to insert the needed pieces of code into the current site, SEO being a secondary consideration, given this site was password protected.

Screaming Circuits

CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery


In addition to an on-going maintenance contract, we added the ability to complete a 24-hour turnaround order to the website. A major addition to a somewhat older homegrown CMS code-base, this proved somewhat of a front-end challenge. jQuery was used to incorporate a user-friendly UI to the order process, working hand in hand with an extensive back-end addition. I communicated extensively with the design team to understand the intended interactivity and worked closely with the .Net developer to make it happen. Also completed a redesign of the the email order confirmation.

Freightliner: Grille to Grille

CSS, XHTML, jQuery, JavaScript, SiFR

Largely a flash micro-site showcasing a recent national tour of the Freightliner Cascadia.

Detroit Diesel

CSS, XHTML, JavaScript

Micro-site that incorporated media, send-to-a-friend, integrated Flickr images taken along the tour, and a map of future stops for a publicity tour of Detroit Diesel's newest engine line.

Carrier Infinity Control

CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery


CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery